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In 2007, two like-minded individuals who had been working in the energy industry for over 25 years came together with a vision to form an energy cost management consultancy.

The aim was and still is to drive their clients’ costs down by taking a holistic approach to energy  cost management. Understanding energy is at the heart of everything  we do at the Utility Team. Our support and experience spans over a 100’s of years! What makes us different, is our track record in pioneering, innovative products and services, combined with excellent customer care provided by our expert energy consultants.

Utility Team is one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants, providing a wide range of value added utility

We believe that the people who work within  Utility Team are our greatest asset, and the success of Utility Team is directly related to those people. Utility Team is run in a responsible manner, as  we recognise its key to our success. Utility Team’s service delivery teams are sector specific, so that you always work with people  who understand the opportunities and challenges your business faces now and in the future.  We see this as an essential part of working  together successfully.
Utility Team now has three offices, over 35 employees, manages more than 5,000 meter  points and is responsible for over £1 billion of  annual spend on energy.

We believe that solid foundations are the key to successful business development. Utility Team provide a comprehensive range of support services, to support those foundations. All tailored to fit the needs of our diverse customer base. By maintaining clear and open channels of communication, we are able to ensure our customers enjoy a well-supported experience  and remain confident that we have their best interests at heart.

Utility Team Mission Statement

Utility Team mission statement is to procure and manage electricity and gas performance for the end user in a reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Our vision is to be the recognised performance leader of the U.K. electric and gas (utility) consultancy industry. We build value through the strength of our customers’ satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.

Customer Commitment

Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service via your dedicated Account Manager means our customers achieve the business results they desire.

Online Portal

Our bespoke energy portal is offering clients a wide range of services and tools which are accessible 24 hours a day via your web browser.

Our Team

Working with Utility Team enables you to work with a combination of talents who are genuinely committed professionals representing your best financial interests.

Managing Director

Matt Jakeman

I am the managing director at Utility Team. With a strong background in the energy and telecoms market and vast experience working within both the private and public sectors I made the decision to join Utility Team in 2009 and have since maintained my excellent track record of success in business growth. I enjoy liaising with our clients and building strong relationships with them in order to effectively understand their needs and to ensure that each of their individual requirements are fulfilled.

Sales Director

Scott Birley

Scott joined Utility Team following many years of experience working at both supplier and consultant level within the energy, telecoms and water industries. He brings analytical and creative skills to the sales function and has excellent interpersonal skills. He has developed strong relationships with Utility Team’s suppliers meaning the company can offer a forward-thinking, progressive service to its clients.

Grace Breen

I am the business manager at Utility Team. Since joining the company in 2009 I have established myself as a highly efficient and dedicated member of the company. I pride myself on my organisational and management skills, which have strongly developed over my time here. Since joining I have achieved a lot, both in my personal growth and for the business and look forward to being a part of the success of Utility Team for years to come.

Business Development Manager

James Rant

I am a business development manager at Utility Team. Before joining Utility Team in 2011 I worked for Eon in corporate sales. With skills in contract negotiation and energy procurement, I am responsible for planning and executing large scale flexible and fixed energy procurement exercises across private sector and local government portfolios.

Business Development Director

Steve Dent

Steve has more than 25 years’ experience in developing and building customer relationships, marketing and business development.

He works with all divisions of Utility Team to create effective energy procurement and consultancy service for clients. Steve has a an excellent ability to translate customer and partner feedback into client and product requirements and work with the product support team to deliver relevant and effective strategies.

Steve is extremely self-driven with a strong sense of urgency. He has the ability to work effectively and independently within the emerging company environments and the constantly changing energy market place.

Business Development Manager

Julie Plunkett

Head of Aftercare

Roxanne Davies

Corporate Sales Support

Ben Mason

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