2019: The Year of Green

By 15 January 2020 General

The green revolution seems to have erupted into politics, into business, into international relations, and into our everyday lives. There is no getting away from it, it is a necessity of everyday modern life and something which is non-negotiable. 2019 was particularly pertinent, with various records being broken. Let’s call it what it is. The Year of Green.

Figures have been released by National Grid and they have established it as a year of change within the UK Energy Market, with particular pertinence owed in our industry to several energy suppliers switching from the standard ‘brown’ energy to 100% renewable ‘green’ energy.

Source: Guardian

Records broken in 2019

There were four records set for electricity generation in the UK in 2019:

  • 14th May 2019 saw solar electricity generation register at 9550 MW (megawatt hours). This is the highest ever level of solar electricity generation in the UK.
  • 10th December 2019 saw wind electricity generation register at 16873 MW. Again, this is the highest ever level of wind electricity generation in the UK.
  • In June 2019 the UK electricity system managed to operate for 437.5 hours without using coal. This is the longest period since the 1800s.
  • On the 17th August 2019 the UK recorded the lowest ever carbon intensity emissions, with the electricity system using the highest level of low carbon power ever.

These highlights were tracked by National Grid ESO who monitor the electricity system constantly giving them the ability to monitor such statistics.

These records are good news and a step forward for the UK as we move towards a greener, low carbon energy system. It is, however, important to take into account the fact that these records were only broken because natural conditions were at their peak.

For example, in May when the record for solar electricity generation was broken, the conditions were perfect- an ideal temperature, clear skies and the number of daylight hours were at a peak. The record-breaking wind power generation on the 10th December can be attributed to Storm Atiyah. Recording gusts of up to 83 mph.

If any one of these conditions hadn’t been ‘perfect’, there is a chance that the record wouldn’t have been broken.


Green Energy in 2020

As we move into 2020 its unknown as to whether these conditions will be repeated and therefore impossible to know if trends will continue and further records broken. But taking into account energy generators are investing in more wind farms and decommissioning coal plants in order to focus on renewables, there is a good chance.

As a consumer, if you’re looking for 100% renewable energy in 2020, you now have more options available to you than ever before. All of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers are now offering 100% renewable energy alongside their standard energy, which means you don’t necessarily have to go with a specialist green energy supplier.

In conclusion, looking after our planet, going green and renewable energy isn’t going anywhere and it’s certainly not something we can ignore. Thankfully green energy is here and fully available and more and more energy is being generated through renewable sources. If you decide to switch to a green energy plan, you’ll have a wider range of renewable energy providers to choose from than ever before. The added benefit of all of these suppliers offering a green product is that competition is vast and prices have come down as a consequence. Which means you won’t have to pay a huge premium for doing your bit for the planet.

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Article written by Alex Rubboli, Senior Energy Consultant