Beat the rising costs of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) with our interest free Revolving Green Fund

By 02 January 2019 General

The EU ETS has been an issue affecting energy intensive businesses across the UK for an extended time (specifically those in the steel, iron, paper and pulp industries) increasing the burden of compliance. The scheme was revised again earlier this year and is heavily focused on achieving the EU’s 2030 emission reduction targets.

Financial ability to cover the forecasted increase in carbon costs is a prevalent area of discussion. Market experts predict carbon prices to hit €35-€40 per tonne from 2020. Businesses which rely heavily on carbon-intensive fossil fuel generation will see bills increase rapidly unless they drastically change their energy source. This is where on-site self-generation becomes a necessity for investigation.

At Utility Team, we excel in helping companies tackle rising energy costs and climate change by encouraging them to increase their energy efficiency. We have developed a simple initiative for interest free funding called the Revolving Green Fund. A platform in which our clients can invest in energy saving technologies or initiatives. An interest free up-front fund, which you pay off through your energy bills over a maximum of 5 years.

This exclusive initiative has seen our clients invest in solar, biomass, CHP, LED, wind, gas generators and a raft of other technologies that alleviates their need to purchase expensive carbon credits when they exceed their yearly allowance.

If you are looking to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your reliability on carbon intensive fossil fuels for a more environmentally friendly future, we can help. Our expert team has extensive experience in this area and have helped many companies change their businesses for the better, drastically reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency.

As an existing partner to businesses within the paper manufacturing industry, we’ve seen the impact issues like this can have. Our specialist team can work closely with you to achieve your goal, offering a dedicated professional service, organising everything from start to finish we make the process is simple.

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Article written by: Scott Harries, Business Development Manager