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The Supportive Business Practices and Personal Touch of Utility Team Helps Care Homes through COVID-19

As a sector, the Care Industry are struggling. COVID-19 is hitting us all hard and the world is feeling the pressure. Those above the age of 70 are categorised as being a vulnerable group. So, the businesses that work with those people, such as residential care homes, are under particular pressure to protect them. This means they are under even more stringent procedures than the strict measures the rest of society are under at the moment. Putting staff under immense stress and pressure to ensure the safety of their residents.

At Utility Team we work with, help and assist a number of sectors. The care industry is one of our key audiences. One of our clients is Stocks Hall Residential Care Home. With 6 care homes, each with the ability to house approximately 300 residents, their impact is immense.

Our Business Development Manager, Kieran Dixon has had a close working relationship with Stocks Hall for 7 years and it has turned into more of a friendship.

Not only do we procure energy for all 6 care homes, we secured long term contracts to ensure longevity and financial safety of the contract placed. Updated regularly on the market place with insight into what that means for them as a business, the staff are well informed. We consolidated all utility bills into one to simplify things and provided a high level of customer support with a personalised action plan. Taking the pressure and strain off a business at a time when they need focus on what really matters, their residents.

Melissa Cooper from Stocks Hall Care Home gave the following testimonial…

Unbelievable support in the toughest of times.

I write this testimonial to share with you the work and support shown by our Business Development Manager Kieran Dixon and the rest of the staff at Utility Team, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

They have maintained constant contact ensuring even though working from home they are still there business as usual and for a business like ours that uses energy around the clock to look after the most vulnerable people in this pandemic, that is huge.

The reason we work with these guys isn’t just about the procurement of our energy it is about having a partner who understands our needs and reacts when we need them.

Although we have already secured long term contracts with Kieran, they have still kept us up to date with all of the changes to the energy market and the effects of COVID-19. On top of this Kieran is looking at renewals to start as far out as 2025 and is already giving us a saving!!

If you have any concerns about your energy or are thinking about taking advantage of the global economy crashing and you perhaps just want to see what is out there. Then pick up the phone and give these guys a call.’

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