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How facility and property management companies can adapt to changes in energy agreements with their clients


Managing changes in tenancies is one of many tasks facilities management (FM) and property management (PM) firms look after on behalf of their clients. 

There are many reasons why a tenant may decide to move premises. Commercial tenants might be driven by costs, location or the need for more space to accommodate business growth. Costs and location could also inspire residential tenants to consider moving, or they might be looking to leave the rental market to get on the property ladder.

Out with the old, in with the new

PMs and FMs are expected to deal with tenancy changes in the most efficient way, ensuring their clients don’t lose money by having certain premises left empty for long periods of time. Energy contracts are just one of the many things that need to be considered, yet, effective management can be time consuming. 

Here at Utility Team, we recognise that your tenants often change – and you need to respond quickly. That’s why we offer to take on change of tenancy management for incoming and outgoing tenants and processes. 

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Utility Team – your partner in energy 

Whether you need help with energy billing changes or new connections, rolling out energy-efficient technology or initiatives, or installing sub-meters to drive greater transparency of energy use between different buildings and/or clients, we have the solution to match.

We want to create partnerships that realise the value of energy management at the front end, and help FMs and PMs deliver greater value to both their clients and the tenants in their buildings. We can manage the entire process, saving time and money while improving business energy efficiency. 

Sustainable solutions 

Most of our solutions are centred around sustainability. Businesses nowadays have a duty to commit to improving energy efficiency, whether through investing in renewable energy generation, procuring energy from renewable providers, or implementing strategies to cut consumption. Our experts can advise on, and deliver, the best solutions for you and your clients.

Demonstrating the true value of your business

Ultimately, our role is to help you help your customers. If you’re an FM/PM, then no doubt you will have targets to meet in terms of energy efficiency measures and savings across the businesses you look after. Our solutions and services are designed to help you meet – and potentially exceed – targets, essentially turning energy management into a unique selling point. 

Through our partnership, we’ll help you demonstrate your value to your clients. It might be that a contract you have with a client is soon up for renewal; being able to show them how much money they’ve saved through the solutions you’ve implemented (with our help) could inspire them to keep the contract with you and not look elsewhere. Our client portal allows you to access live and historical data to demonstrate these key points.

Likewise, being able to show how much you’ve saved clients in the past could help you to secure contracts in the future. Companies want cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on value – and you'll be able to promise prospects just that. 

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Leaving energy management to the experts at Utility Team can help you demonstrate your value while freeing up more of your time to focus on other areas of your business. 

Find out how we helped FM business Cloudfm cut energy costs by 8%, or get in touch with one of our experts today to discover how we can help you. 

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