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How to overcome challenges to help reduce energy consumption as a manufacturer

The manufacturing sector is leading the UK’s ‘green revolution’ according to a recent report cited by The Manufacturer

The report, published by Make UK and E.ON, revealed that the manufacturers who have placed sustainability at the core of their operations have experienced a number of benefits as a result. Four in ten reported a boost to profit margins, while 30% said that it increased competitiveness.

Almost all (90%) manufacturers polled for the study said they were aware of the government’s 2050 net-zero target, with nearly half seeing it as an opportunity to deliver sustainable business growth when the economy picks up again post-pandemic. 

Sustainability and energy consumption 

Energy consumption and sustainability are, of course, closely linked. The less energy a company uses, the less impact it has on the environment and of course, the less it costs. But type of energy comes into play here, too; green and renewable energy sources offer a more sustainable solution. 

As a food manufacturer, there’s no doubt you understand the importance of sustainability and limiting the environmental impact of your operations as much as possible. But your efforts to reduce business energy consumption might be hindered by a number of factors.

It might be that your current infrastructure and technology is unable to facilitate the switch to greener energy. But then, it may not be financially viable to cover the costs to upgrade to more efficient, energy saving technologies. 

In fact, in Make UK and E.ON’s study, businesses cited the cost of technology as being one of the key barriers to progressing with major energy efficiencies. At the same time, manufacturers noted how securing available government funding and grants often proves to be a difficult process. 

For your food manufacturing business, it might be a lack of available funding or capital expenditure that’s stopping you from reducing your energy consumption. It can be costly to roll out efficient technologies across a large site or multiple sites, even if they will end up delivering significant savings in the long term. 

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RGF – a solution to your challenges 

The good news is that there is a way for food manufacturers to overcome these limitations and transition to energy that’s better for the environment and their bottom line. 

Here at Utility Team, we understand that it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for firms to access green funding in general, or free up their own cash to help cut energy costs. That’s why we developed the Revolving Green Fund (RGF). 

Our RGF is your way to get interest free funding to be put toward any energy cost saving initiative or technology. It essentially unlocks investment for energy savings without you needing to rely on your capital, complete lease arrangements or apply for expensive loans. 

After learning what you want from the RGF – i.e., to make carbon savings, cost savings or invest in energy efficient equipment – we will then complete an energy audit of your business which covers your current energy consumption and spend, using the information to devise an appropriate energy saving solution.

Following that, we’ll implement the necessary technologies and then monitor and maintain the systems in place, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business. 

The great thing about the RGF is that you benefit from our experience and expertise in securing and managing energy contracts. We’ll take care of every aspect for you, from the initial audits to securing the best possible price for energy, to managing any utility companies. We only work with reputable suppliers of innovative energy reduction technologies, ensuring you get the best equipment for the best price. 

If you want to find out more about our RGF and the benefits it can bring to your food manufacturing business, get in touch today.

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