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Utility Team takes a uniquely consultative approach to lowering your business energy bills and switching you to more sustainable sources.

Our clients see us as an extension of their own team. We’ll treat your business and budgets as if they’re our own, continually looking for opportunities to lower costs while boosting efficiencies. No other company does more to help you spend less. 

85% of our customers go on to form long-lasting partnerships with us.


Fixed Business Procurement

Risk-averse customers who want price stability will benefit from fixed procurement, which locks in a set energy rate for the duration of the contract.

Flexible Business Procurement

Flexible procurement allows the customer to spread risk over multiple purchase points, buy energy in smaller amounts throughout the whole contract, a little bit at a time, to reflect changes in the market.

Basket Business Procurement

Basket energy procurement allows businesses to benefit from economies of scale by combining numerous meters.

Unrivalled sector knowledge and investment in the latest software place us in the best position to assist your business’ transition to greener, cleaner and cheaper energy.

Our Pricing and Risk Management Team track new and complex data, often on an hourly basis, to predict the state of the markets tomorrow but help you save money today.


The Industrial sector in the UK is consuming 27% more energy than the services sector and producing 17% more emissions.

Business energy statistical summary: sourced from

Fixed Business Procurement

The energy market can be a volatile place; prices can go up and down. A fixed contract sets the price for energy, protecting you from potential increases. It’s a great option for risk-averse customers who prioritise safety and transparency when it comes to their energy bills.

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Flexible Business Procurement

With our experience negotiating flexible contracts, we’ll work with you to plan and implement a strategy unique to your business’ needs. You’re given freedom to decide when and how much energy you purchase, in line with market conditions.

Spreading purchasing in this way means you’re also spreading risk.

Basket Business Procurement

Similar to flexible procurement, a basket contract lets you purchase energy at multiple points depending on the market.

What’s different is that you can combine the bulk buying of energy for different meters – whether you have lots of meters if you're a large company, or we can combine meters for many small customers to negotiate a better deal for all.


Cloud Fm - Case Study

  • Energy Costs reduced by 8%

  • Compliance strategy for ESOS and SECR

  • Half-hourly data centralised

  • Dedicated support centre

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Overall Energy Reduction


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