LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Following a spate of panic-buying yesterday (12th January), gas and power prices have opened down in early trading this morning. Spot prices remain historically high today, but indications are that European traders’ anxieties following a spike in demand in the Asian markets may have been excessive.

Utility Team takes a uniquely consultative approach to lowering your business energy bills and helping you switch to more sustainable sources.

Our clients see us as an extension of their own teams, treating their budgets as responsibly as we would our own, continually seeking opportunities to add value and drive down costs. It’s one of the reasons that 85% of them retain us and enjoy the benefits of working with us over the longer term as true partners.

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Business energy procurement

Fixed Business Procurement

At Utility Team our extensive knowledge and experience of energy efficient initiatives, enables us to correctly scope and match the ideal solution.

Flexible Business Procurement

At Utility Team, we excel in helping companies tackle rising business energy costs and climate change by encouraging them to increase their energy efficiency.

Basket Business Procurement

Utility Team can work with your organisation to ensure you take full advantage of the recommendations in your ESOS audit.

Unrivalled sector knowledge and investment in the latest software place us in the best position to assist your business’ transition to greener, cleaner and cheaper energy.

Our Pricing and Risk Management Team track new and complex data, often on an hourly basis, to predict the state of the markets tomorrow but help you save money today.


The Industrial sector in the UK is consuming 27 per cent more energy than the services sector and producing 17 per cent more emissions.

Business energy statistical summary: sourced from

Fixed Business Procurement

This is a product that will offer you price protection and security throughout the whole of your business energy contract. With a one-off fixed price, there’s no risk. The market can be a volatile place, prices can go up and down, and can pull the rug from underneath you if you’re not careful. This format will protect your rates from any unpredictable movements and provide budget certainty.

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Fixed business energy procurement
Flexible business energy procurement

Flexible Business Procurement

Utility Team has vast experience in negotiating flexible individual and basket business energy supply contracts for our clients. Utility Team works with clients to plan and implement a business energy procurement and purchasing strategy unique to their needs. This strategy will weigh risk/reward and can be adapted during the contract to remain relevant in the prevailing market, which continuously changes.

There are various elements of a contracts make-up that can be negotiated and should be at the very least considered before signing.

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Basket Business Procurement

Basket business energy procurement is a way of pooling the bulk buying power of a group of businesses to obtain competitive prices for your business gas and electricity from suppliers, saving money and taking advantage of economies of scale.

We’ll be there to manage the process throughout. With flexible/basket business procurement most energy brokers and suppliers won’t consider a business unless they use over 10 million kwh.

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Basket business energy procurement


Taking the effort out of business energy with the best market rate deals on Business Energy procurement

Every business is different, and therefore so is your energy quote. Take the first steps to reduce your business energy bills, get in touch today!

Our latest project

Cloud FM

Utility Team partnered with Cloudfm to provide interest-free funding for energy reduction projects for their client base (this included BPP University, Pizza Express, KFC and others).

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Successfully procuring a reduction of 8% in 2019


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