Basket Procurement

Our most popular product, the Energy Basket is a way of pooling the bulk buying power of a group of businesses to obtain competitive prices for your gas and electricity.

But it’s not just about the savings, in fact, one of the biggest benefits of the basket is that it saves you time; you get a fresh price every year without the need to spend valuable time hunting around for new contracts. It also means you won’t get caught out by sudden spikes in the energy market that could affect your price at the point your contract is up for renewal. Plus, we’re on hand to help you throughout, with flexible/basket purchasing is that most energy brokers and suppliers won’t consider this type of purchasing unless you use over 10 million kwh. However, we combine client volumes to reach the requisite volume needed by a supplier and this gives you the purchasing power of a large energy user. Also we run Baseload and Peakload baskets so if you’re a high Baseload user you don’t cross subsidise others.


  • Aggregated Volume
  • Shared external Market drivers
  • Take advantage of the market
  • Volume Tolerance control
  • Budget Certainty
  • No cross subsidisation
  • Non commodity charges

Don’t be forced to make your purchasing decisions when the market dictates.

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  • Smaller customers in the past would not have enough volume to trade flexibly on wholesale market.
  • Respond to key drivers together, this could be in your market or the energy market.
  • Rather than committing to 100% of your volume on one day spread the risk across multiple purchasing decisions and take advantage of market dips and downturn.
  • Volume tolerance is aggregated across the group so you have the ability to re-forecast*
  • We have the ability to set a contracted budget on your commodity price to ensure you do not exceed a worst case scenario.
  • Each customer within the group is credit vetted individually. If a customer leaves it has no bearing on the rest of the group.
  • Take control and fix as little or as much as you want with full visibility.

Energy cost and energy management has become much more important to us than ever as energy costs continue to rise.  Utility Team have also taken care of all of the energy renewals and now all of our homes’ gas and electricity contracts are aligned with one supplier on bespoke contract terms to maximise the keenest rates for our Group.  This has been such a fluid transition and we have saved thousands of pounds in the process as well as many hours in man power.  Along with the procurement, Utility Team offer us constant advice allowing us to work together to reduce our energy costs further; implementing new technologies including AMR metering and monitoring software.  Recently ESOS Compliance has been on our agenda and instead of worrying about the implications of this, Utility Team are managing the process on our behalf and have made it seem really simple and also financially beneficial.  All in all we have seen energy costs reduce by at least 20% across the group and we can get on with what we do best.”