Flexible Business Procurement

Utility Team has vast experience in negotiating flexible individual and basket business energy supply contracts for our clients.

Utility Team works with clients to plan and implement a business energy purchasing strategy unique to their needs. This strategy will weigh risk/reward and can be adapted during the contract to remain relevant in the prevailing market, which continuously changes. There are various elements of a contracts make-up that can be negotiated and should be at the very least considered before signing. These include:

  • Contract features and functionality
  • Direct access to dedicated senior account managers
  • The supplier’s trading capability – daily, weekly and monthly reports to show trends in the market
  • The level of transparency of the business energy price fixing mechanism
  • Reports to show how your business energy purchases compare to previous market prices
  • The financial competitiveness of the supplier’s account management fee
  • Online management tools to help your analysis
  • The versatility of products and how much flexibility is available

At Utility Team these negotiations are undertaken by your dedicated Business Development Manager, who will be your main point of contact and will manage the important relationship with suppliers.

Ultimately purchasing decisions should be shaped by the client, we will support client goals, as well as advising and guiding clients, ensuring they maintain a realistic perspective of the market and ensure that goals are achievable.

This ultimately helps clients understand what to expect from commodity, transportation and regulatory business energy costs in the coming years, allowing them to prepare accordingly.

When clients understand in principle what a purchasing strategy is trying to achieve under a flexible template and how it relates to their own financial goals, consumer opinion moves overwhelmingly in favour of a professionally supported purchasing strategy. With clients out performing budgets by 30%, it is hardly surprising that few turn back.

Benefits of flexible procurement:

  • Take advantage of fluctuating market prices
  • Spread risk over multiple purchase points, rather than gambling on a single one (as is the case with fixed price energy contracts)
  • Gain full control of your business energy purchasing decisions, while benefitting  from the help and ongoing support  of our senior account managers.
  • By spreading purchasing decisions, you are spreading the risk
  • Opportunity to join buying consortiums and access to basket purchasing

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