Renewable Business Energy

Part of our mission is to encourage green energy and encourage low-carbon energy. Utility Team is able to provide businesses with competitive green and renewable business energy tariffs. As part of our standard tendering process, our consultants will always raise this issue with your purchasing teams before signing a contract.

By purchasing green business energy you can secure your climate levee exemption as a method of off-setting premiums attached to purchasing renewable or green business energy.

Our services include:

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • CRC Energy Efficiency Program
  • Smart Meter AMR, new supply and/or meter installation
  • Business Energy Management
  • Low Carbon Management
  • Low Carbon Building Programme
  • Design Advice Consultancy
  • Low Carbon Buildings Programme
  • Water Management
  • Waste Reductions
  • Cost Neutral Green Business Energy
  • Carbon Offsetting

Green Business Energy has also become investable for consumers. We are able to provide the expertise to help you future-proof your business and its anticipated requirements in the coming years.

We are extremely enthusiastic and capable when it comes to introducing our clients to renewable business energy opportunities.

By generating your own business electricity through PFI and independent renewable energy projects you can secure your business energy price through a return on investment. This is widely considered the only way to guarantee your price in the long term. Larger consumers in the UK have found this an increasingly attractive opportunity and a way to participate in a global effort to protect our climate, while also protecting their budgets. Due to our unique relationship with suppliers, we can provide access to further discounts and incentives attached to green business energy.

Assistance with Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract between two parties for the sale of electricity into the grid, normally between a renewable energy generator and a licenced electricity supply company. Utility Team offers a PPA management service, working with you to manage the income from the energy you export.

OFGEM Accreditation

An OFGEM accreditation is a mandatory requirement put in place by the government for all renewable energy generators. OFGEM administer and manage the subsidies for renewable projects. In order for you to receive these subsidies, you must register your installation and ensure it meets OFGEM requirements. Let Utility Team guide you through the process.