Risk Management Team

The tendering process for utilities is complex and demanding. Securing the most cost-effective gas and electricity agreement with your supplier for your business can be difficult, complex and long-winded. Far from straight forward.

From liaising with various suppliers to finding out prices, calling round, to visiting various websites. Not to mention being aware of the numerous potential additional charges introduced from the Climate Change Levy to the Feed-In-Tariff charges, to the various lengths of the contract available from 1 to 5 years, the different aspects are numerous. Accessing the best deals and contracts is effectively carried out through using years of experience, knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the market, that’s where Utility Team come in.

The decision on when to tender and the duration of a contract is determined by a combination of information from different sources. We use our daily contact with suppliers, relevant industry media and we regularly review the wholesale market; pricing, variations in activity and monitor any dips or fluctuations (gas and power prices fluctuate as much as 40% in a year), so we can proactively advise our customers. Making the correct decisions on procurement is critical in any commercial strategy.

Your Risk Management Team

We manage risk for our clients to ensure they gain the benefits of our industry knowledge and expertise. Our team are effectively your Risk Management Team because of the following aspects:

  • Leading energy experts with a wealth and variety of knowledge, experience and qualifications.
  • Combined experience of over a hundred years.
  • 95% client retention rate.
  • Experience of working with a wealth of different clients; private and public sector, blue-chip and large multi-site organisations as well as SMEs.
  • Close links with all major and independent energy suppliers and a detailed understanding of all contract structures.