LATEST MARKET UPDATE: UK gas and power markets have traded lower across the curve so far this week, with a bearish outlook as Norwegian outages come to an end next month and fears of a second wave of Coronavirus has pushed prices within the wider commodities lower. Oil prices in particular continue to be pressured by the threat of a reduced demand that a second wave of Coronavirus could bring, with prices trading below $40/bbl for the first time since mid-June.

Our aim is to help businesses save as much money as possible on their utilities.

That’s why we offer water management services as well as energy procurement solutions.

Leave it to us to make your business more sustainable and water efficient. By switching suppliers you’ll benefit from our water-saving advice and suggestions.

We’ll do the work managing your utilities, leaving you to focus on the more important things.


The water retail market got a big shake up back in 2017, allowing organisations to buy water services from a variety of providers rather than an allocated regional one.

Despite this, many businesses remain unaware of these money-saving opportunities or are reluctant to switch, potentially because of the hassle involved.

Utility Team takes the hassle away by switching and managing your water supply on your behalf.



Customers who switched or renegotiated in the first year saved around £8 million from lower bills and approximately 270 to 540 million litres of water.

Business energy statistical summary: sourced from

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Water Services

You could be enjoying savings within weeks – we just need a few details from your water bill to kick start the process.

We’re renowned for our outstanding customer service and are here for support before, during and after the switch.

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Supplementary Water Services

As well as helping you switch suppliers, we offer a number of extra services for business water utilities.

 - Water Auditing

 - Bill Validation

 - Smart Metering 

 - Plus More

Southern Farmers Ltd

Case Study

  • Total annual saving of £200k

  • 224 members helped

  • 436 million meters switched

  • Consolidated monthly bills

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