Supplementary Water Services

As well as helping you save money by switching supplier, we also offer supplementary services for business water utilities…

Water Auditing

Utility Team also offer a water auditing service, this would assess your whole site allowing us to make appropriate money savings and efficiency suggestions. The site survey, would include a comprehensive report with recommendations and estimated costs.

Bill Validation

We also provide bill validation services, something which may seem a simple task, however when multiplied across hundreds of meters this service provides an essential add-on. This thorough process enables accuracy, consolidation, a reduction in administration and management of supplier liaison. All of which not only saves you money and stress but future proofs the precision of your data.

SMART Metering

We can advise, organise and manage the fit of SMART Meters at your business. These allow for greater accuracy of billing and reflect live usage. They are also indispensable in monitoring your sites for potential leaks, early detection of which can save you thousands of pounds.


We will design a bespoke strategy to meet your organisations needs in these areas saving you money, hassle and stress in the following ways:

  • Helping you reduce water usage
  • Providing water efficiency advice and guidelines
  • Supplier liaison and management
  • Providing you with a dedicated account manager
  • Direction on the hidden costs a lot of people don’t know about
  • Consolidation of bills for various/numerous sites, resulting in one bill for your whole portfolio