Water Services

Any business that has at least one site in England and uses more than 5ML (megalitres) of water per year can switch water supplier. When this threshold dropped from 50ML to 5ML, the benefits of water competition opened up to around 26,000 organisations.

All businesses in Scotland, no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier. The new water market to be launched in 2017 will give those same choices to every business, charity and public sector customer in England.

Start your switch today

We’ll just need a few details which can be found on your bill to get started, and you could be enjoying savings of up to 25% within four weeks.

Even if you have sites in England you can switch supplier in 2017, however we can go through a tender process now to identify the best options in advance.

To help us find the most suitable tariff, please have the following ready:

Why switching is a good thing?

The option to switch creates a more competitive market, in which organisations can benefit from suppliers that are motivated to:

  • Create more innovative products and services
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increase water efficiency and lower consumption
  • Serve multi-site customers through a single supplier

We will design a bespoke strategy to meet your organisation’s needs, saving you money in these areas:

  • Supplier management
  • Water usage
  • Ongoing management
  • Offsetting future water price increases
  • A ssurance that your water costs are in the  hands of experts

Utility Team has a proven track record in achieving water savings on behalf of clients – achieving further savings for our customers.

Help available now

Businesses in Scotland and businesses in England with 5ML annual water use at a single site can benefit from water competition now. Find out how your business can start to save water and money straightaway.
If you have:
  • Copies of all bills
  • Your SPID Codes (Supply Point IDs) for your sites (found on your bill)
  • Your current water supplier (found on your bill)
  • Your annual water charges (found on your bill)
…simply email those details to email water@utilityteam.co.uk and one of our procurement specialists will be in touch to discuss the next steps. Alternatively just call 024 7699 7901.