LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Following a spate of panic-buying yesterday (12th January), gas and power prices have opened down in early trading this morning. Spot prices remain historically high today, but indications are that European traders’ anxieties following a spike in demand in the Asian markets may have been excessive.

The Customer - Cleone Foods

Cleone Foods Ltd was formed in 1988 and is the UK’s largest manufacturer of Jamaican patties. Under its “Island Delight” brand, the Birmingham-based company employs 70 people and sells 200,000+ patties each week, accounting for over half (55%) of the UK pattie market.

From humble beginnings, Wade Lyn has grown the business significantly: his products can be found in hundreds of supermarkets throughout the UK, including ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores.


The Relationship How Did We Help Them?

Cleone Foods wanted to be more energy efficient and had green energy aspirations. 

We began with an overall review of their energy structure along with identifying any areas that were lacking, as well as shortfalls in their utility portfolio.

We initially identified a need for reducing the energy provided to some large onsite chillers. We found the voltage optimisation and power factor of their preexisting solar panels were lacking - so we re-calibrated to gain maximum business energy reductions.

Going forward, we’re working towards installing more Smartcool chiller units, as well as investigating wind turbines and combined heat and power units.

The Outcome What Were The Results?

  • Revolving Green Fund arranged for £95k
  • Reduced energy consumption of 19.5%
  • Daily energy usage reduced by 329 kWh
  • Average daily saving of £51.57

Other Case Studies



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