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LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Gas and Power prices are largely trading at parity with last week’s levels, despite some significant price swings at the front of the pricing curve. The bout of low pressure has seen reduced wind output, increasing demand for gas-fired power generation and stretching a European gas system which is struggling to attract global LNG. Winter prices have also been volatile with concerns over gas storage levels being partially offset by positive supply news surrounding the potential completion of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Prices further out have been softer, as renewed coronavirus fears in the wake of the delta variant have weigh on global oil markets.

The Customer - Immunocore

Immunocore is a privately owned British clinical-stage biotechnology company, based in Oxfordshire, which researches and develops biological drugs to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases using soluble T-cell receptor technology. 

They are constantly striving to be the leaders in their chosen field, they are considered as pioneers when it comes to the management and targeting of their energy usage.


The Relationship How Did We Help Them?

We have provided Immunocore with a variety of energy services including; energy procurement, bill validation, new meter connections, site and meter auditing amongst others. The fully managed service we have provided has greatly alleviated the workload from their internal stakeholders.

Additional services such as on-site meter and energy audits had been conducted to eliminate any possible overcharges. We wanted to ensure that their site had a full appraisal, so we sent our auditors to site on 2 occasions to conduct these assessments including a full site inspection, identifying all meters. From this extensive review, unknown additional meters were identified and subsequent energy suppliers updated. This led to a £10k-£12k reduction, per month on their bill and a saving on unnecessary costs.

With the build of their new combined office and lab, Utility Team were on hand to liaise with the local distribution network. We ensured the necessary works were carried out on time and diligently.

The Outcome What Were The Results?

  • Procurement savings above £100,000 with further 20% to be saved in future procurement
  • Unknown meters found and identified, resulting in savings of £140k a year
  • Full project management with dedicated BDM and account team

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