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LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Following ramping up of LNG send-out, combined with easing anxieties around cold weather internationally, near-term gas has dropped to 42.36p/therm.

The Customer - Shoezone

Shoezone is a leading UK specialist value footwear retailer, offering low price and high-quality shoes for women, men and children.

They operate from a portfolio of over 500 stores and employ approximately 3,750 employees across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


The Relationship How Did We Help Them?

In 2016 Shoezone undertook a tender process to change the utility consultant that they worked with. They cut the tender process short after quickly recognising that Utility Team were the best company for the job.

We were appointed to manage the Shoezone portfolio and provide the following services; bill validation, query management, dedicated support, portfolio management, new connections and advice on purchasing.

The Outcome What Were The Results?

  • Procurement of utilities and water supply
  • 100% renewable energy sources
  • All water supplies to approx. 500 stores consolidated into one
  • Bill consolidation into one simple bill
  • Smart meter rollout for all stores
  • Dedicated team for query resolution

Shoezone selected Utility Team as their partner to procure utilities during 2016. We selected them because of their obvious expertise in the market and their commitment to an ongoing partnership to manage Shoezone’s utility costs. Since we have begun to work together Utility Team have supported us, tendering electricity, gas and now water.

We have realised significant savings and efficiencies across all three areas in comparison to the rates we would have achieved on our own. The working relationship has proved very positive, especially with our Business Development Manager managing the transition and ongoing partnership extremely well. She is always willing to support and fix things if we become concerned of any service we receive from the utility companies

Jonathan Fern, Chief Financial Officer, Shoezone

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