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LATEST MARKET UPDATE: Gas and Power prices are largely trading at parity with last week’s levels, despite some significant price swings at the front of the pricing curve. The bout of low pressure has seen reduced wind output, increasing demand for gas-fired power generation and stretching a European gas system which is struggling to attract global LNG. Winter prices have also been volatile with concerns over gas storage levels being partially offset by positive supply news surrounding the potential completion of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Prices further out have been softer, as renewed coronavirus fears in the wake of the delta variant have weigh on global oil markets.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Informed and intelligent energy purchasing is essential in the modern business environment. 

Utility Team provides dedicated support for businesses who wish to reduce their environmental impact and overheads. 

Our awareness of the products offered by our supply chain and their relevance to our customer’s business will allow us to present and execute an effective strategy for consuming and in some cases generating energy.  Our services apply to all business sectors regardless of size or complexity.

Utility Team recognises that its activities and operations have an impact on the environment and is committed to conserving natural resources, operating in a manner sensitive to the environment and complying with all relevant legislation.  In particular:

Utility Team is committed to:

  •  - Minimising waste products from all processes
  •  - Maximising the efficient use of energy and water
  •  - Reducing the impact of travel/transport
  •  - Protecting the environment through sympathetic specification and advice
  •  - Accessing the most technically accurate advice that promotes current best environmental practice
  •  - Preventing pollution
  •  - Complying with all relevant legislation and other requirements
  •  - Continual improvement in environmental performance

Utility Team will achieve these commitments by:

  •  - The availability of professional advice
  •  - Maintaining an environmental management system to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015
  •  - Setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives and targets and management programmes to              ensure continual improvement
  •  - Providing environmental awareness for all employees to understand the company’s environmental policies,                        objectives and programmes and their role within them
  •  - Ensuring the company understands and complies with the requirements of all environmental legislation, guidelines           and codes of practice applicable to the organisation
  •  - Committing adequate financial and staff resources

Responsibility for Utility Team’s Environmental Policy lies with the Directors and this will be reviewed annually.


 Utility Team is committed to promoting sustainability, concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda and this aim is integral to our professional activities and the management of the Company.

We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

  •  - To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice

In order to put these principles into practice we will:

  •  - Avoid physical travelling to meetings, etc. where alternatives are available
  •  - Plan meetings and routes to make the most of each trip
  •  - Use Satellite Navigation devices to plan journeys efficiently
  •  - Reduce the need for our staff to travel by supporting alternative working arrangements, including, mobile                          broadband (USB Modem), etc.
  •  - Encourage Staff to Car Share
  •  - Staff access to cycle to work scheme through Evans Cycles
  •  - Flexible work from home contract for staff working from distant locations
  •  - Encouraging our employees to specify and source sustainably produced materials where ever possible