Energy Brokers Inadvertently Increasing Life Expectancy of Clients

By 22 July 2019 July 29th, 2019 General

Stress has been proven to decrease life expectancy, so doing all we can to reduce it is important. Managing your energy supplier, especially for a demanding business can inevitably cause an extremely stressful situation, unfortunately meaning that something, which is seen as quite simple, such as dealing with utilities can in fact inadvertently end up reducing your life expectancy.

Securing the most cost-effective gas and electricity agreement with your supplier for your business can be difficult, complex and long-winded. Far from straight forward. From liaising with various suppliers to finding out prices, calling round, to visiting various websites. Not to mention being aware of the numerous potential additional charges introduced from the Climate Change Levy to the Feed-In-Tariff charges, to the various lengths of the contract available from 1 to 5 years, the different aspects are numerous.

It comes as no surprise therefore that more and more businesses are waking up to the fact that not only do potential savings lie within their utility’s portfolios but that making their lives less stressful and succumbing to the ideal work/life balance by using An energy broker is a better option all round. In a changing and competitive market, the value in using such an organisation seems clear. From big corporate companies to SMEs, all businesses, and the staff who organise such contracts stand to benefit from partnering with the right energy procurement specialist.

Taking this route can alleviate many issues. Here are a few reasons why an organisation should acquire the help of an energy broker to make their lives happier, healthier and long…

1. Money– As the song goes, money talks. The most important reason in this list of reasons,  is of course saving money. Getting the best deal on your utilities frees up revenue which can be used elsewhere to help grow and improve your business.

Finding a good deal for your gas and energy contracts yourself may be possible, but without the industry knowledge and experience, not to mention established long term relationships with a wide range of suppliers and a lot of time, it is less likely the same level of saving will be achieved.

2. Time-Saving– Trusting an experienced energy broker to negotiate your gas or energy contract is not only beneficial from a financial viewpoint but it will also free up time to allow you to manage your core business. Reducing the stress and hassle in your life. We all know time is money, resources which would have previously been spent managing your utilities can instead be focused on other matters.

3. Impartiality – Most reputable energy brokers/consultants do not work with preferred suppliers and are therefore able to offer full impartial advice to their clients. This also keeps suppliers pricing offers competitive.

4. Industry and Customer Knowledge – A good broker/consultant will have a great understanding of the energy sector. This means they will be able to provide advice and guidance on key areas. You can utilise expert knowledge on contract negotiation, site works and meter upgrades and ensure that your business is kept up to date with any legislative changes that end users must adhere to, such as, ESOS or mandatory carbon reporting.

They will understand not just how much energy their clients use, but where and when that energy is being consumed. This allows them to build a detailed plan on the best way to minimise future energy consumption whilst ensuring that it does not impact day to day business operation.

The various types of supply contracts can also be confusing e.g. fully fixed, pass-through, fixed flex, fully fixed etc. An energy specialist can guide you through this expanse as well as the various charges associated with each contract type.

5. Dedicated Account Management – If, as a business, you deal directly with your suppliers and you have any issues, you will often be passed from department to department within your supplier and nobody will take ownership to resolve your situation. An energy procurement specialist would act as a single point of contact for any energy-related issue and will deal with your supplier on your behalf to quickly resolve the issue. This would free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business, reduce stress and make life a whole lot easier.

6. Future Expansion– As your business grows you may be considering adding new sites to your portfolio. This involves new meters and new energy contracts. With that in mind, energy brokers can provide infrastructure services. Arranging a new meter installation or upgrading an existing supply can be problematic – utility consultants project manage these works from start to finish, ensure that it is complete on time and without disruption.

So, in conclusion, by reducing the stress of dealing with masses of energy suppliers, cutting your number of sleepless nights you might have had due to worrying about saving money on your bills and by lowering the anxiety about having to call round a variety of providers energy procurement specialists are in fact increasing your life expectancy.

Live longer by calling Utility Team today. We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible and have recently been awarded the prestigious TELCA Award for Best Customer Service. We offer impartial energy advice along with a vast about of expert industry knowledge. We would be happy to speak to you and help you understand how to manage and minimise both your energy costs and usage.

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Article written by: Reiss Foster, Senior Business Energy Consultant