Energy Efficient Technologies

Modern times and rising energy costs have afforded us an array of varied and bespoke energy solutions, some of which may not have been thought of. The possibilities available will reduce energy and costs significantly, along with a generous contribution to saving the environment. At Utility Team our extensive knowledge and experience of energy efficient initiatives, enables us to correctly scope and match the ideal solution. We pride ourselves on helping companies tackle rising energy costs and climate change by encouraging and helping them to increase their energy efficiency. We have created the Revolving Green Fund (RGF), an exclusive and simple programme of interest-free funding without the restrictions of a standard loan, this enables businesses to receive a quick cash payment for any energy cost saving technology or initiative of their choosing.

The solutions available are vast and could include:

LED Lighting

Lighting optimisation through retro-fit, re-design or a simple control strategy can be one of the biggest and most effective ways to improve your energy efficiency. Ambient effects along with colour, beam and design ensure the working environments are as required while motion detectors, smart controls and daylight harvesting will further enhance savings. The overall effect of any energy efficient lighting programme, is to also improve the environment making it a better place for yourself and employees to work in.

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Energy Monitoring

Because you can’t hit a target you can’t see, sub-metering though energy monitoring allows clients to see what energy is being used by what and when. A granular view regarding your site will help identify where you are overspending, providing comprehensive data and information in an easy to understand report. Utility Team are there to bureau and explain what the report in terms of what measures can be undertaken to reduce the consumption that’s being seen.

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Solar (Photovoltaic)

From commercial ground mount to domestic rooftops Solar cells are essentially used to generate electricity from sunlight. It is a device that converts light energy into electrical Utility Team are able to offer a full design, supply and install service. A comprehensive project management service is carried out, we assess the needs of the customers, carrying out a site visit, providing a report on recommended measures, offering advice, guidance and our expert knowledge to take you through the entire process.
This can be combined with our exclusive Revolving Green Fund (RGF) which could cover the cost of the whole project, making the return on investment a lot quicker.

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Voltage Optimization & Power Factor Correction

Due to the varying and fluctuating voltages in the UK, through VO & PFC optimisation we are able to save clients considerable amounts of money. Site equipment and appliances benefit from reduced voltage in terms of power usage and life expectancy, therefore, reducing and optimising helps to achieve this along with avoiding PFC penalties. Both can be surveyed and proposed without obligation or cost.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

EV is considered the future for motor vehicles and continues to gain momentum. Government pressure and legislation which encourages businesses to be more environmentally friendly is likely to increase during the next decade. EV charging points provide essential business facilities and can support your brand values. We help you reap the benefits of EV Charging points by visiting and surveying your workplace to review the potential opportunities, we manage the project from start to finish, including full supply and install.

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These services are only a snapshot of what we offer at Utility Team, there is a variety of ways, that you may not be aware of, which could increase energy efficiency within your business.

To benefit from our expertise and knowledge, discuss any of the options above or to explore other potential ideas, contact us today.