Energy Efficiency – The #missingpiece

By 31 October 2019General

Climate change has never been a more prominent issue and on the lips of so many people, a concern that will save our planet. ‘95 percent of Britons said they care about protecting the environment and 71 percent are worried about climate change’ Smart Energy

Green energy, natural energy, solar panels, wind farms, eating less meat, driving electric vehicles; all aspects of the new world which we are entering and actions to reduce carbon emissions. As well as that, we have the net-zero emissions target set by the government with a deadline date of 2050 and legislation which makes it legalised. One thing which is barely spoken about, barely touched on and barely discussed. Something which if done could fulfil 11% of our net-zero targets, over 1/10th. The missing piece of the green jigsaw. Energy efficiency.

The biggest step we, as individuals, can make towards filling in the missing piece is getting a smart meter. It’s the foundation of a smart energy network. The government realises this and as such has set the deadline to meet smart meter installation targets to 2024 (the original deadline was 2020 but this has now revised). The campaign #themissingpiece is a government-backed campaign, to encourage a smarter Britain- Smarter Energy Campaign.

What exactly is a smart meter?

Using a mobile signal, these devices automatically send meter readings to your energy provider as often as every half an hour. It puts an end to estimated bills and the arduous task of reading meters and sending meters reads to an end.

Small displays are given to customers to monitor how much power they are using in pounds and pence. Old meters are taken away, reused or recycled.

What exactly do smart meters contribute to energy efficiency?

  • It will reduce waste in the energy system
  • This move will upgrade Britain’s energy system
  • It will help us anticipate future energy demands further assisting with our plans to help the environment

Further details available from the Smart Energy Campaign

Why are they being pushed forward?

The Government believes smart meters will help domestic and business customers not only reduce their energy consumption but also lower their bills and carbon emissions.

Is having a Smart Meter mandatory?

No, you don’t have to have a Smart meter as they are not compulsory, and you can refuse to have one. However, due to the targets placed on energy providers some of them can lead you to believe that they are a legal requirement.

Do you have to pay for a Smart Meter?

Although there is no cost to having a smart meter, there is to energy suppliers and as such, they’re likely to pass on the cost through increased energy bills.

Can I still switch my supplier once I have a Smart Meter fitted?

In the past, this was difficult, once you had a smart meter fitted it was extremely difficult to change suppliers (mainly due to the functionality of the actual meter). There is now a new wave of meters and with these comes the ease of switching. There are no longer issues with doing so.

Are there any safety issues with Smart Meters?

Having undergone rigorous testing and being governed by EU and UK legislation means that Smart Meters are safe. They are no more dangerous than the mobile phone devices or other electronic equipment found in the home. ‘According to Public Health England (PHE), the exposure to low-frequency emissions from smart meters is lower than that caused by appliances such as microwaves and TVs.’

When all is said and done, Smart Meters are a large part of the #missingpiece of the low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly jigsaw puzzle. Making up a larger, healthier, safer planet which we’ll all want to play a part in.

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Article written by: Alex Rubboli, Senior Energy Consultant