How businesses can help with the 2050 Net Carbon Zero Emission Pledge

By 27 June 2019 General

This month Theresa May announced that Britain will have a legally binding target to end its contribution to climate change by 2050. As a nation we now have a target to cut emissions to ‘net zero’ by the middle of this century.

Since this announcement there has been much debate about how this will be achieved, if it is likely or even possible.

There is a general consensus that it would be impossible for the majority of individuals and business to stop creating any emissions. This has sparked debate about how this will be achieved with ideas such as planting more trees and using technology to remove carbon dioxide being highlighted. Carbon credits have not been excluded as a method of reaching this target which means they could also be used to shift the burden of reducing emissions onto other countries.

So, we have a target. We have some methods and technology that can help us achieve this. However, we must all accept that changes need to be made in the way in which we go about our every day lives as well as how our businesses and workplaces operate.

Investment in technology for businesses in order to reduce the amount of energy consumed is good news all round. Saving money whilst causing less CO2 emissions to be produced is a win-win situation, especially when the return on investment is much shorter than the life expectancy of the technology.

Equally as important is behavioural change in the workplace. An adult working full time will spend around 40 hours per week in the workplace. This means any changes in company policy and attitude in relation to reducing emissions will often become a habit that then spills over into our home lives.

Individual Employee Measures

There are many ways in which employers can encourage colleagues to be more conscious of how environmentally friendly they are being; encouraging car sharing, walking, cycling or taking public transport is a good place to start. Having a target of one ‘zero emission’ day a week could also have a big impact. Managing the temperature of the building and lighting are also effective measures. Another idea would be to create a focus group or have ‘Eco Warriors’, which would be a light-hearted approach. You would be surprised at how engaged people are with wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Company Wide Focus

In order for any workplace to seriously tackle the issue of CO2 emissions it must be clear to everyone involved that the company itself and senior management are engaged in this. When arranging energy supply contracts ensure they are renewably sourced. But most importantly communicate and promote that you are doing this, let everyone know, especially colleagues and customers.

At Utility Team we specialise in advising clients on a wide variety renewably sourced contracts that are properly audited in terms of source as well as providing advisory services to help promote behavioural change in the workplace to reduce emissions resulting in a robust strategy being developed. In addition to renewably sourced power contracts, Utility Team are now able to offer carbon neutral gas agreements.

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Article written by: James Hughes, Senior Energy Consultant