Is price everything?

By 30 March 2017 May 25th, 2017 Industry News, Our News

The answer is yes, no, maybe or depends…while price is key, it’s not always the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right energy supplier for your business needs.

With our combined experience at Utility Team, we have come across a myriad of reasons as to why people choose to go with one supplier over another – and some can be more unexpected than others.

One customer refused to work with a supplier because he was once owed £15 for six months, and another wanted to go with a Russian supplier as his wife was from Russia.

So whilst price is obviously a main driver behind a purchasing decision, it’s not always the final factor. There is so much more that we focus on to help our clients arrive at the deal that’s right for them, asking the right questions to unearth the right answers.

We make it our business to really get into the mindset of the customer and help uncover those reasons to make sure they are happy with the choices.

Do they require green energy for their supply chain? Have they considered blue energy, which is more carbon friendly than traditional brown energy and more affordable than green energy?

And we keep an eye on lots of influencing factors involving suppliers, big and small. For instance, did they know that SSE has the Fair Tax Mark in recognition of its responsible tax policies and detailed disclosure of its tax affairs?

Regardless of size, we treat each client the same, from single base operations to businesses with 500-plus sites across the country, and property management companies that look after more than 2,500 locations.

We strive to ensure that we have fully understood their requirements and matched them up with what the suppliers can offer.

To help you identify your reason for choosing a supplier, and help guide you through the huge amount of offers, hoops and pitfalls, call us on 024 7699 7901.

Rob Cook, Business Development Manager at Utility Team