Managing and Monitoring Energy in the Modern World

By 04 December 2019 General

In the age of information, it’s becoming more and more important to know as much as we can about everything in our lives, especially when it comes to energy. With most energy providers offering their own take on Smart Meters, it’s becoming easier than ever to monitor your home energy usage and more importantly, how much it’s costing you. It’s estimated that over 13.5 million domestic smart meters have been installed and are operating in the UK which means that a large fraction of the UK has the capability to manage and monitor their energy usage on a daily basis.

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Supply

Smart Meters work great with simple supplies like households, but when it comes to larger, more complex supplies, such as for business use, other monitoring solutions need to be explored. Most business class meters are fitted with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices, usually free of charge by suppliers. AMR devices send consumption data directly to suppliers, which removes the need for regular meter reads to be taken and ensures that suppliers are billing as accurately as possible.

Large Corporate Businesses

AMR devices are usually fitted to meters that have small to medium businesses however with larger corporate consumer’s a new type of meter may have to be installed. Half Hourly (HH) meters work in a similar way to AMR meters in that they send consumption data directly to the suppliers, however, HH meters send the data every half hour, hence the name. Most suppliers will also be able to provide the HH data that’s come from a customer’s meter. The customer can view what they’re consuming in detail and various reports can be generated using this HH data, which can provide customers with an accurate representation of their consumption at a glance. Various energy systems can also be controlled by Energy or Building Management Systems, which are able to turn lighting, for example, on and off at certain times, thus managing usage in a smarter way.

Multiple Users – Same Supply

Smart meters and Half Hourly meters are good at what they do when it comes to measuring and monitoring a single supply for one individual or business. When more than one party is responsible for an electricity supply, sub-metering can be a viable option for monitoring the usage of a specific floor or area of a property that has multiple users of electricity. Sub-meters are installed downstream from the main utility meter but measure the electricity of a specific demise as a normal meter would. This means that the sub-meter data can be used to apportion the electricity costs of a multi-let property between multiple tenants, with accuracy and ease. Sub-meters can also bring transparency surrounding energy usage between multiple shared tenants of a property, because everyone can see what energy they are consuming, there is no speculation as to why some tenants are paying more for their electricity, and why some are paying less – everyone will be paying for the energy they use.

By monitoring your energy requirement you not only help reduce your usage, increase energy efficiency and save money. You also decrease your carbon footprint, helping the planet and the future of our environment but also improve your corporate image.

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Article written by: Bailey Howe, Account Manager