Demand Response

National Grid subsidise customers for reducing demand on the grid at peak times, by utilising backup generators on-site or turning down non-essential assets for short periods of time.

Utility Team specialise in Demand Response Management, working with clients to develop programmes that are a strategic fit for their businesses. We recognise the sensitivity of  operations on site and create bespoke Demand Management strategies for each client.

This delivers significant recurring revenues to large users of electricity and increased green credentials for the company, including minute-by-minute asset monitoring.

What is Demand Side Response and why is it needed?

Demand Response Services

STOR – (Short Term Operating Reserve) is National Grid’s core programme for securing reserve on the national electricity network. Our network of clients act as a ‘virtual power station’ aggregating assets from multiple sites in order to reduce stress on the grid at peak times.

FFR – (Fast Frequency Response) is a premium grid service that is offered to commercial and industrial clients to enable them to rebalance sudden changes in supply and demand which have a negative impact on grid frequency, normally 50.0Hz.

Triad Management – Triad avoidance programmes for clients to reduce consumption during anticipated Triad periods. Clients can reduce demand or switch to on-site generation to achieve significant savings during these periods.

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The best way to understand the benefits Demand Response Management can achieve is to complete a simple desktop survey to evaluate the potential new revenue streams you could access. There’s no obligation and no cost – we will be able to tell very quickly if your site is able to join our network and experience the benefits of Demand Response immediately.

Please contact one of our Business Development Managers on 02476 997 901 for further information
Julie Plunkett


  • No up-front costs
  • Full control
  • Significant recurring revenues
  • Energy monitoring –  minute-by-minute
  • Improved green credentials  H edging against energy  cost increases
  • Energy asset intelligence
  • Free asset maintenance
  • No on-site disruption
  • Grid stabilisation
  • Triad savings

Utility Team Clients and Case Studies