Revolving Green Fund (RGF)


At Utility Team, we excel in helping companies tackle rising energy costs and climate change by encouraging them to increase their energy efficiency.

Access to green funding in general or using your own cash to reduce energy costs, whilst still managing budgets, is a strain which many businesses find extremely hard to manage and implement.

With this in mind we have developed a very simple initiative for interest free funding called the Revolving Green Fund (RGF), an exclusive initiative which enables businesses to receive interest free funds for any energy cost saving technologies or initiatives.

Understand what you want from RGF:

  • Cost savings
  • Carbon Savings
  • New equipment
  • Protect your funds
  • Energy supply price – fixed vs flexible

What are your timelines?

  • Immediate
  • Medium-term

We will make sure we understand your business. In order to do this, we will:

  • Workout your current energy consumption and spend.
  • We will complete an ‘Investment grade assessment’, a comprehensive evaluation of your situation, identifying ways in which you can save energy with optimal impact, this could be through specific equipment, software or processes.
  • Determine best energy supplier/contract – we will tender out to a number of leading energy suppliers and determine the best contract for you.

Design and plan your energy saving solutions:

  • Technology – can include lighting, heating, AC, controls, solar, motors, drives and other equipment specific to your business i.e. new manufacturing plant.
  • Commercials – contract and prices.
  • Create a Revolving Green Fund for your new energy saving equipment, software or processes we have planned.

We will make it happen for you:

  • Agree terms and finalise contract.
  • Source measures and contractor/ technology provider.
  • No capital expenditure is required from the client. UT underwrites the initial cost.
  • We will ensure the energy supply is contracted
  • Install measures – We will work with you to ensure that new equipment is installed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your business.
  • The client simply pays the energy bill as usual (this will include the RGF uplift).
  • Client immediately benefits from new equipment and monetary savings.

We will monitor and maintain everything, so there is minimal hassle to you:

  • Manage changes to ensure identified benefits are realised.
  • Monitor energy consumption and report energy/carbon savings
  • Client will have access to our online energy portal so they can see first-hand the benefits of the RGF programme.

How does it work?

Energy spend is a ‘distressed purchase’ i.e. you wouldn’t buy energy if you had any other choice as it is not your core business. In many cases, being environmentally conscious, loses out in competition for capital with the ‘core’ business activities. An RGF will fund these measures, unlocking the investment and the energy savings without the need to use precious capital. Any funds accumulated will be transferred into the RGF immediately creating a cash fund enabling any energy saving measures to be installed.

We will source the best price possible for your energy and in some cases you will immediately see a reduction in the unit price.

Utility Team will manage all aspects of the RGF, from organising the initial energy audits and securing you the lowest energy price to managing any utility companies. We will work with carefully chosen suppliers of innovative energy reduction technologies including; LEDs, building controls, CHP, heating and cooling to ensure you get the best possible equipment and value for money.

RGF in Practice – Next Step