Save Energy Online

Having already established your typical daily and monthly energy consumptions through our Save Energy Online service highlighted in our UT Energy Management reporting section.  The next course of action is take a look at your building level energy reporting and how you can measure and control everything within your business.

This can help establish areas that you are wasting energy or help to put you back in control of how energy is used within the business. In simple terms our site level reporting captures and measures all energy used up to the front door, and our building level reporting captures, measures and even controls energy within the building. But the most significant thing about our site level energy reporting is that it is in real time and covers electricity, gas, water and any other form of energy that you would like to manage and control. This is extremely powerful, as most if not all site level reporting through a standard half hour meter or smart meter is at best day plus one. This is widely regarded as the industry standard and something the regulator Ofgem endorses, it’s not uncommon for companies to only have access to weekly or in some cases monthly data.

Starting with your building level data we can integrate real time statistics to enhance your reporting.

  • Then add additional energy management tools as you need them.
  • Measure and control your servers and PC network.
  • Add peripheral equipment such as printers, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners.
  • Socket level requirements, no problem , we can give you reporting and control down to individual socket level, so you can include individual pieces of equipment, such as vending machines, machinery, equipment, fridges, chillers.
  • Include internal or external lighting down to room level if required.
  • Multilevel energy dashboards to assist with staff engagement or customer engagement.
  • Enhanced real time energy reporting dashboards, ideal for use in reception areas.
  • Display energy use in £, kWh or carbon.
  • Display the real time true cost of your energy, and compare this against previous days, weeks or months.

Reception Energy Dashboards.

Engage staff and customers further into your efforts to manage and control your business environmental impact with an energy dashboard.  Designed to be displayed in foyers and receptions areas or through any web browser throughout your business.

Don’t be forced to make your purchasing decisions when the market dictates.

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Energy Dashboard

The final element to our modular based energy management solution is the ability to provide your business with energy dashboards.  So where ever you decide to capture your energy consumption from, such as just the companies computers or a vending machine.
  • You are able to view from a huge library of reports all designed to help you administer energy management and help lower your carbon emissions.
  • Easily set up multi user access and report by different levels in the organisation from site, cost centre, department and users.
  • Set your own energy targets to measure performance and include a set of energy alerts for both over and under consumption to measure leaks, overloads, potential failures or power outages.
  • Real time reports to include your energy data in carbon, power and cost.
  • Automate your energy reports to simplify your reporting process.
  • Our energy dashboard software is also versatile.