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LATEST MARKET UPDATE:A drop in wind generation to near zero, coupled with the ongoing cold spell has increased demand for gas for heating and power generation, seeing near term gas and power prices climb to new recent highs. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal norm from next week, which may ease some of the upward price pressure.


Revolving Green Fund (RGF)

Investing in a greener future is easy with Utility Team. 

The Revolving Green Fund (RGF) is an exclusive initiative which provides businesses with interest-free funding to deliver energy-efficient projects and technologies. You’ll receive interest-free funds to put towards any cost and carbon-saving technology or initiative, so it won’t put a strain on your budget. 

Our RGF is a way to reduce energy usage, lower unit costs and future-proof your business ahead of the government’s 2050 carbon neutral target.




The Particulars

The RGF process can include a variety of work and initiatives which would improve your business energy, we can help you focus on...

  • Compliance and governance services i.e. SECR, CCA, ESOS
  • Engagement and behaviour change
  • Employee training

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The Process


We'll work with you to understand what you want to achieve from the RGF


Once your objectives are established we deploy our in-house experts to develop the fund.


Utility Team has an extensive network of delivery partners across a wide range of services and technologies.


Utility Team ensures all project objectives have been achieved, and expectations and performance is met.

Utility Team also commission energy
efficiency surveys using ISO 50001 energy
management standards. This review typically

  • LED Lighting
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Solar PV
  • Building management systems
  • Plus many more

We can even support less technology
focussed activity including...

  • Building refurbishment
  • Building fabric
  • Tree planting

The RGF can typically
save 12-20% off your
total energy
consumption without
the need to use your
precious capital or
enter into complex
leasing arrangements.

RGF in Practice 
How does it work?


1. Unlocking the upfront investment

Energy spend is a ‘distressed purchase’, i.e. it’s not your core business and you wouldn’t buy energy if you had any other choice. In many cases, being environmentally conscious loses out when competing with capital projects affecting ‘core’ business activities. 

An RGF will fund these measures, unlocking the investment and the energy savings without the need to use precious capital. Any funds accumulated will be transferred into the RGF immediately, creating a cash fund enabling energy saving measures to be delivered.

2. Sourcing the best energy supply to suit your requirements

We will source the best price and product for your energy requirement which, in some cases, will result in an immediate reduction in utility costs.

3. Minimising the Risk

Utility Team is here to support all aspects of the RGF, from initial project identification right through to (and beyond) commissioning of a delivered project. 

We work with carefully chosen suppliers of innovative energy reduction technologies to ensure you get the best possible equipment and value for money.


Utility Team will work with you to understand what you want to achieve from the RGF.

Some of the key considerations include what your aim is, whether that is cost/carbon saving ambitions, delivering essential asset upgrades and future proofing your site or investing in on-site generation, monitoring and targeting software.

We'll review what your timelines are, long or short-term. What the readiness of your product is, it may not have been identified, it may need work or it may be ready for investment. We also assess what level of funding is required.



Once your objectives are known, Utility Team deploy our in-house experts to develop the fund.

To do this, we will review your current energy consumption and forecast spend. We'll also determine the best energy supplier and contract. Following this we'll formalise the funding offer.


Utility Team has an extensive network of delivery partners across a wide range of services and technologies. You can, of course, use the RGF to deliver existing projects with your current supply chain partners but should you need our support, we are on hand.



We work with you to develop the agreed project success factors and will closely monitor and report on project performance. We do this by developing robust measurement and verification processes. Assessing contractual terms that include savings, performance and availability guarantees. We ensure operation and maintenance contracts are in place prior to commissioning and the appropriate warranties are suitable and defects are addressed promptly.


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