Utility Team expand into the North East and appoint new CEO Delvin Lane as part of rapid company expansion

By 05 November 2019 General

Utility Team, who have become major players in the Energy Procurement arena, are delighted to announce not only the expansion of the company into the North East with a new arm of the business but the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Delvin Lane.

The new office will be based in Gateshead, Newcastle and will create jobs in the North East further expanding the companies physical reach as well as spreading and establishing the brand. The new Regional Director for the Newcastle branch, Sean Pinder, has 10 years experience of working in the field in various roles, within different companies preparing him with the essential skills to pioneer this new branch.

The new CEO of Utility Team, Delvin Lane, has over 25 years in industry, helping and facilitating the progression and growth of large corporations. His new position comes on the shoulders of nearly 3 years working with Utility Team as Non-Executive Director.

Delvin will go on to expedite the transition from a national company to international, as Utility Team continue to expand not only within the UK but in Europe and the USA as well. His drive and ambition will propel the mass employment plans of the company as they move forward with their strategy to double the size of their workforce over the next 12-24 months.

Utility Team have recently celebrated 10 Years in business and have won the prestigious award for Best Customer Service at the TELCA Awards, as well as triple recognition for successful business practice and acumen. Connecting and establishing their place with Cornwall Insights, a nationally recognised energy industry expert and research organisation. Obtaining UK government certification for protecting sensitive client data as well as obtaining the difficult to gain ISO certification in both ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Delvin Lane, newly appointed CEO said… ‘The energy industry is constantly evolving with ever-increasing levels of complexity, uncertainty and often poor customer service. Our key responsibility is to support our customers not just in managing this but making out industry ever more sustainable, transparent and professional.

Our past focus has been on the UK market and that will still be a key focus, especially with our new office in the North. As our customers have grown, we have grown with them. Many of which have international portfolios and so to support our customers fully, the need to have the ability to operate overseas as well is incredibly important.

On par with this and something I believe is of vital importance in our business is believing and developing my people and our team. Without whom success is impossible.’

An important area of concern in the energy industry is to ensure we are working towards a greener future, emphasised by the government and the public overall and something which Utility Team feel passionate about. The CEO emphasised this point…

‘My true vision is ensuring we look to our challenges and opportunities and in this industry it is crucially important to transition to a low carbon economy. That will be a key pinnacle of our success going forward.’

As this blossoming company goes from strength to strength, there is no stopping them and their goal of not only national, international but mass expansion as well as industry takeover.