Quality Policy Statement

Informed and intelligent energy purchasing is essential in the modern business environment. Here at Utility Team, we provide dedicated support for businesses who wish to reduce their environmental impact and overheads. Our awareness of the products offered by our supply chain and their relevance to our customers business will allow us to present and execute an effective strategy for consuming and in some cases generating energy.  Our services apply to all business sectors regardless of size or complexity.

Our Company is in a fast evolving and growing marketplace with high volume customer contact, these customers deserve value through our people and, we believe, this has to be driven by continually improving our service.  We will do this through ensuring continued learning and development of all Directors, Management and Staff.  This will be driven by in-house and external training resources. This will ensure the Quality of service given will strengthen our customer’s satisfaction and our company growth and sustainability.

In order to achieve this commitment, the company will maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The aim of our quality management system is to ensure that:

  • We deliver a quality service to maintain excellent customer relations
  • Customer satisfaction remains inherent to our business
  • Our customer’s requirements have been fully understood and met
  • All work is carried out consistently to a defined standard
  • We have the skills and resources to fulfill our customer requirements
  • Our staff are fully trained and involved in quality improvement
  • We strive to continuously improve our systems and procedures
  • We only use services that meet our own quality assurance standards
  • A professional approach to customer interface is maintained at all times
  • Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period

The achievement of our quality objectives and continuous improvement is fundamental to all activities carried out within our company and must be practiced by all employees and partners as an integral part of their daily work.