LATEST MARKET UPDATE: UK gas and power markets have traded lower across the curve so far this week, with a bearish outlook as Norwegian outages come to an end next month and fears of a second wave of Coronavirus has pushed prices within the wider commodities lower. Oil prices in particular continue to be pressured by the threat of a reduced demand that a second wave of Coronavirus could bring, with prices trading below $40/bbl for the first time since mid-June.

Energy Management

Energy management utilises technology and behavioural change to enhance your company’s energy performance. To work, it needs to be fully embedded in your wider management processes, as well as your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. 

Effective energy management can lead to significant energy reductions and cost savings for your business. So, why not let us help?

We provide a wide range of services and solutions to help your business monitor, plan and reduce energy consumption. After a thorough assessment, we’ll advise you on the best way forward for your business.


What does energy management cover?

  • Online portal
    An online energy monitoring system reviews how your business uses its energy and identifies where the pitfalls lie enabling us to make suggestions for improvement and thus helps with better energy management.
  • Data Analysis
    Understanding your data not only from your online system but your bills for example can help your business avoid charges for consumption in peak demand periods and can identify waste usage.
  • Carbon Alarms
    If your business is being targeted on its environmental performance, you can arm your purchasing managers with the technology they need to deliver to those targets.

  • Technical Assessment and Project Management
    Whether it is generating energy or simply upgrading your reporting software, you can implement, manage and log the performance of any investments your business makes pertaining to energy.
  • Training and Support
    Guide your staff on good housekeeping and answer their questions as the industry evolves.
  • Sub Metering
    Identify areas of high energy consumption throughout your buildings by installing sub-meters.
  • KVA Analysis
    You may not be being charged correctly for the energy you use. KVA Analysis can help to identify that. The level which you set with your distributor may need analysis – if yours is over-estimated you may be paying too much.

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