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LATEST MARKET UPDATE:A drop in wind generation to near zero, coupled with the ongoing cold spell has increased demand for gas for heating and power generation, seeing near term gas and power prices climb to new recent highs. Temperatures are expected to return to seasonal norm from next week, which may ease some of the upward price pressure.

Non-Commodity Analysis

Non-commodity charges (or third-party charges) are all the costs on your energy bill that don’t relate to the use of gas or electricity (the ‘commodity’). These charges make up around 50-60% of your bill and are rising year on year. 

The world of non-commodity charges can be confusing, so let us handle it. We’ll make sure you’re being billed accurately through our in-depth Non-Commodity Analysis, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

From April 2021, all meters will have third-party charges applied to them similar to bigger half-hourly meters, which could increase costs by up to 15%. Also from April 2022, electricity charging structure changes could hike electricity costs by up to 50%, especially for large sites. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your non-commodity charges are in check.


Process and benefits of working with Utility Team

Step 1: Forecast

We’ll provide a forecast of third-party charges, so the impact of business process changes can be assessed and budgets set.

Step 2: Cost calculation

Calculating the cost for every half-hour period for all meters means we can identify the highest cost periods and meters. This allows us to determine how best to reduce costs.

Step 3: Value for money assessment

We’ll assess the proposed or built electricity cost reduction projects.

  • Save money – Our thorough analysis will bring down the cost of your gas and electricity contracts.
  • Pioneer best practice – We’re able to identify the most efficient sites and rollout best practice to save you even more money.
  • Value for money – We’ll assess which electricity/gas cost reduction projects will provide you with the best value for money for your company.
  • Greater transparency – Our analysis will help you better understand the impact of future changes to third-party charges on your gas and electricity bills.

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Utility Team were appointed by Kingspan to take over the management of their UK & Ireland , Norway and Poland energy procurement needs. This was coupled with additional value added services and ongoing account management.

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Our management of European flex purchasing leads to significant savings for Kingspan


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