LATEST MARKET UPDATE: UK gas and power markets have traded lower across the curve so far this week, with a bearish outlook as Norwegian outages come to an end next month and fears of a second wave of Coronavirus has pushed prices within the wider commodities lower. Oil prices in particular continue to be pressured by the threat of a reduced demand that a second wave of Coronavirus could bring, with prices trading below $40/bbl for the first time since mid-June.

Smart and sub-metering support

Energy monitoring and management go hand in hand. After all, in order to save energy, you first need to know where, when and why energy is being used. 

Smart and sub-meters help you better track and understand usage, so you can make more informed decisions about your business energy and drive effective change across your organisation.

All this can lead to reduced energy consumption and costs, greater operational efficiency and a lower impact on the environment.

We have a proven track record in helping businesses across a wide range of sectors save energy and money through smart and sub-metering. We’ll work with you to design a solution that best suits your needs, then project manage the process from supply through to installation.


Utility Team solutions:

  • Smart meters

    Smart meters are the future of energy, so stay one step ahead by letting us organise and manage installation for your business.

    Smart meters reflect live energy usage for greater accuracy. They can also be used for early detection of potential leaks across your site, which could save your businesses thousands of pounds. 
  • Sub meters

    Identify high energy consumption areas across your business or charge tenants separately with sub meters, which can be installed in addition to your primary billing meters.

    As well as project managing installation on your behalf, we can help you to make sense of the data gained from your sub meters so you can take proactive steps to save energy and money.

    Energy data can be read directly or viewed through our Save Energy Online software via the internet.


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Our latest project

Catholic Academy School

We established issues in their practices from their Building Management System (BMS), a selection of energy reduction equipment was required and a new supplier
was necessary.

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Improving energy efficiency by taking advantage of the Revolving Green Fun


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