Fixed Business Procurement

Fully inclusive and fixed business contracts offer the most certainty of cost and are perfect for the more risk averse energy customer who wants to achieve price stability.

This is a product that will offer you price protection and security throughout the whole of your business energy contract. With a one-off fixed price, there’s no risk. The market can be a volatile place, prices can go up and down, and can pull the rug from underneath you if you’re not careful. This format will protect your rates from any unpredictable movements and provide budget certainty.

Conventional fixed business energy contracts tend to extend up to three years however, due to market uncertainty, many utility providers can now offer up to five years fully fixed.

Benefits of fixed business procurement:

  • Price Protection – Contract prices are fixed for the contract duration and do not change, providing stability.
  • Budget Certainty – Due to price stability, budgets can be predicted and therefore managed.
  • Security – A combination of price stability and thus budget certainty provides protection from volatility in the energy market giving you security.
  • Market Intelligence – Our energy specialists will make sure they identify the best time to set your contract. By monitoring and reading the market daily we ensure we are on top of the high and lows as well as being aware of all aspects which can impact the market, we do this so you dont have to.
  • Benefit From Our Connections for ‘Take or Pay’: Due to our strong relationships with suppliers, we can negotiate more preferable circumstances and even in certain conditions get charges omitted. Without our connections, you would be liable to pay fees for pre-estimated unit amounts and could also jeapordise your energy efficiency potential.
  • Take Advantage of Access to Basket Purchasing: We can organise the opportunity for you to join buying consortiums / get involved in basket purchasing. The benefits of this include lower unit prices and increased advantages from suppliers.

For more information about the different contracts available to you, please read our news article ‘Perplexing Procurement; Fixed, Flexible and Basket Energy Contracts‘.