Fixed Procurement

Fully inclusive and fully fixed contracts offer the most certainty of cost and are perfect for the more risk averse energy provider who wants to achieved price stability.

Conventional fixed energy contracts tend to extend up to three years however, due to market uncertainty, many utility providers can now offer up to five years fully fixed.

Benefits of fixed procurement:

  • Price protection – contract prices are fixed for the contract duration.
  • Budget certainty – budgets can be predicted and therefore managed.
  • Security – provides protection from volatility in the energy market.
  • Market intelligence – our energy specialists will make sure they identify the best time to place your contract.
  • Take or pay re-negotiation and omitted.
  • Opportunity to join buying consortiums and access to basket purchasing.

“Energy cost and energy management has become much more important to us than ever as energy costs continue to rise.  Utility Team have also taken care of all of the energy renewals and now all of our homes’ gas and electricity contracts are aligned with one supplier on bespoke contract terms to maximise the keenest rates for our Group.  This has been such a fluid transition and we have saved thousands of pounds in the process as well as many hours in man power.  Along with the procurement, Utility Team offer us constant advice allowing us to work together to reduce our energy costs further; implementing new technologies including AMR metering and monitoring software.  All in all we have seen energy costs reduce by at least 20% across the group and we can get on with what we do best.”

Simon badland – Oldfield