New Connections

New connections can prove to be a collection of different headaches from liaising with suppliers, to ensuring the correct paperwork is filled in, to troubleshooting when things don’t go to plan. Here at Utility Team we have years of experience in managing projects such as these, we take the hassle out of your hands and manage it seamlessly to ensure things are easy for you. This can also be combined with sourcing a new supplier and combining all of the administration of the two projects into one if required.


We can assist in meter installations for any sized meter or company for gas, electricity and water. We also manage new connections for telecommunications; telephone and internet.

The process of new connections is a complicated one and includes the following steps …

  • Site works: Send your proposed plans to Utility Team along with site plans, estimated usages and a letter of authority. Some site works may require additional information which Utility Team will guide you through.
  • Applications to the network: Utility Team will fill out and send your applications for the works to the appropriate networks (distribution network operators/gas networks/water board).
  • Quotes for work: Utility Team will collate all quotes and present them to the client. Time scales for quotes can vary depending on size of works.
  • Site works acceptance: Customer agrees site works proposals and Utility Team will process the applications with the relevant networks. Any costs for site works are paid in advance to the networks.
  • Dates for works arranged: Utility Team will work with the client to arrange a suitable date they would like the works to go ahead.
  • Meter numbers: The network allocate meter numbers – Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for electricity/Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for gas / Supply Point Identification (SPID) for water.
  • Suppliers: Once a date for service installs have been arranged, Utility Team will approach suppliers for prices on meter installs and supply contracts. Utility Team will talk with the customer to see which supplier may be best in terms of quick turn arounds and the specific meters they require.
  • Prices: Supply contract prices presented to the customer and contract agreed – the cost of the meter installation can also be included with many suppliers.
  • Site works completed: Site works are complete and meter installation date arranged.
  • Installation: Meter installation date and services go live.
  • Contract live: Contract live with chosen supplier.

If you would like to discuss a new connection, discuss your energy, water or telecommunications options or to see how we can help your business in any other aspect please contact us on the following details: