Immunocare are a leading T Cell Receptor (TCR) biotechnology company, focused on delivering first-in-class biological therapies that have the potential to transform the lives of people with serious diseases.

Their primary therapeutic focus is oncology, and they also have programs in infectious and autoimmune diseases. They have a pipeline of proprietary and partnered programs in development and their lead program, IMCgp100, has entered pivotal clinical studies as a treatment for patients with metastatic uveal melanoma. Their partners include Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune (AstraZeneca), Lilly, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In January 2017 Utility Team were appointed as part of the OBN life science purchasing consortium. OBN is a large not-for-profit membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK’s life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. Being a part of this consortium meant we were the preferred energy services provider in the UK for all of their members. Immunocore were the first of many bio/life science companies to start a working partnership with Utility Team. Since our relationship began Utility Team have demonstrated large saving opportunities in Immunocore’s procurement strategy. This has enabled funds to be reinvested back into where it matters, the life science research itself.

The Story
Immunocore’s goal is to be the best pharma company with energy saving compliance at its core. In order to achieve this, they are dedicated to completing compliance to the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The ESOS is a UK government initiative committed to achieving an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. To comply with this, Immunocore intended to achieve a 20% reduction in energy use which had associated savings of well over a million pounds. Immunocore sourced the expert assistance of Utility Team to help them fulfil this.

Key Aspects

  • 20% reduction in energy use
  • Total energy saving of well over a million pounds achieved on full term contracts
  • Contract and supplier alignment
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installations to be completed and the Energy Monitoring Dashboard Programme to be rolled out (this manages and controls all usage remotely).
  • Implement ESOS and all environmental management.
  • Supply and complete our New Connection Process for their new manufacturing site in Oxford, UK.
  • Help fund energy reduction projects through our Revolving Green Fund (an exclusive initiative which enables businesses to receive interest free funds).

Key Deliverables

  • A detailed Energy Policy, including a full energy review, with a staff engagement programme.
  • A full site audit completed by an energy and environmental management consultancy to identify any areas of concern within Immunocore’s energy portfolio.
  • Customised ‘energy monitoring & targeted reporting system’ incorporated smart meter technology.
  • Building Management System improvements.
  • Fully delivered key account management service.
  • Consistent communication and updates on the project.
  • Quarterly meetings to determine next stage energy reduction opportunities.
  • A strategy including a fully renewable energy review. To include viability of wind turbines and biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and optimum PV generation.

“We are pleased to be working with Utility Team. Since starting our relationship they have helped us achieve a target saving on energy contracts, hedged against the volatile UK energy market. They have shown dedication and termination to ensure all of Immunocore’s energy needs are achieved whenever called upon. They have demonstrated excellent tactics for us to better understand our energy whilst helping us with our compliance.”

Darren Rodgerson: Facilities DirectorImmunocore

All Souls’ school wanted to identify why they had a seen a rising spike in their electricity bills and were keen to innovate and demonstrate to pupils energy efficiency in practice. The process began when we installed the latest smart meters for power, gas and water, enabling All Souls’ School to utilise an online monitoring service so that their utilities could be accurately measured, monitored and recorded. In addition to this, we also commissioned a high-level energy survey. This survey identified a number of areas that would benefit from investment. Utility Team researched the market to find the best price tariff available for the school. All Souls’ accepted a renewal offer from E.on for both gas and electricity.

The schools main aim was to reduce costs through awareness, but also by investing in energy saving. To achieve this, the school needed a unique way of raising the fund, and Utility Team were able to provide that unique funding model the Revolving Green Fund. Beyond that, the school sought to embed energy awareness and management skills in the hearts and minds of primary school children.

The Solution
Utility Team’s unique ability to provide a comprehensive solution for funding due to robust energy reporting and recommendations made our offer stand out. After winning the tender, we installed smart meters and carried out a fully comprehensive site survey. The Survey identified some issues and we focused on No Cost/Low Cost/Moderate cost resulting in immediate opportunities with associated paybacks of under two years. Utility Team researched the market to find the best price tariff available for the school. All Souls’ accepted a renewal offer from E.on for both gas and electricity.

We then used the RGF in the areas that needed some investment and would generate quick returns:-

  • The first recommendation came when we realised that the existing Trend System and the plant controlled needed to be validated so we instructed a qualified Trend Engineer to identify ways to improve this.
  • This included fitting TRV’s to all radiators through to downsizing calorifiers. Secondly, encouraging simple behavioural changes like re-setting times which delivered significant and immediate savings.
  • A lighting refurbishment also took place with the Utility Team replacing old 70w Fluorescent tubes with their state of the art 28w LED equivalents, we did this in both classrooms and circulation areas. Again the savings were revised immediately.
  • We also replaced the loose jacket insulation to the main calorifiers.
  • Intumescent/weather strips were fitted to external fire doors.
  • We then sub-metered some of the areas we had invested in so we could take a granular view on savings through the “saveenergyonline” service we connected to the meters so we could identify the savings immediately.

With approximately 400 pupils ages 4-11, All Souls had an annual energy cost of £28.000, equalling and energy cost of £70/pupil. Utility Team and All Souls’ School have worked in partnership and achieved the following results or the equivalent off:


The Future
The success of this project has led to All Souls championing Utility Team to other local schools. We continue to provide a hands on service, and All Souls School have engaged in a five year SLA enabling us to continue to work together to monitor the energy trends and renew the same process again.

“Utility Team’s online reporting and funding
platform has become embedded in our daily
energy management strategy for the school.”

Hannah: BursarAll Souls’ School